Prevent seizures and brain damage


Seizures are the most common neurological disorder in dogs. Gelatin is a friend to the Dog Brain!

Seizure in pets

Seizures are the most common neurological disorder in dogs. Witnessing a beloved dog in the throes of a seizure is terrifying; the fear that he will injure himself, that he shouldn’t be left alone or that his quality of life will suffer so much that you will be forced to make a dire decision regarding his future are all enough to cause feelings of helplessness in even the most resilient dog parent. But the good news is that seizures do not necessarily get worse over time, and there are proactive steps that can help reduce both their intensity and frequency.

Gelatin protects your pet against seizures and brain damage

Gelatin, a potent anti-inflammatory and brain protective food, is an important supplement for dogs with epilepsy (as well as for arthritis and hip dysplasia).

Glycine and proline - two of the main amino acids in gelatin - are known to protect against seizures and brain damage. Adding just two teaspoons a day for a 25 to 40 kg dog can make a world of difference

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